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azuriteAkin to azurite most semi-precious stones, Chrysocolla also is associated with mineral origin. It is present in an extremely beautiful sea green, sea blue and hues of blue-green colors. The opaque and translucent diaphaneity from the stone as well as vitreous patina or contrast earthy luster forms extraordinary patterned stones. Several of these stones display designs that appear to be being a globe. The word is formed from Greek words Chrysos meaning ‘gold’ and kola which means ‘glue’. In primordial times, this stone was extensively used by goldsmiths to solder the metal ‘gold’.

Starting with your base chakra you’ll need black and red stones like a ruby, obsidian, garnet, hematite or red jasper. These earth bound colors can ease menstrual problems, blood disorders and enhance the sex drive. The following chakra represents the sacral and resonates for the colors in orange stones; yellow jasper, carnelian and citrine. Meditation using these stones can increase energy, benefit kidney trouble and release hidden inhibitions that could be allowing you to feel unbalanced. The stomach chakra is yellow and stones of this hue, agate, light amber, light citrine and in many cases turquoise, for the yellow veins, can alleviate bloating, liver upsets and muscle cramps. Moving to the fourth chakra, the guts, you should purchase green and pink stones. Malachite, rose quartz and adventurine could have a positive affect on anger control, emotional stress and depression. The throat chakra resonates to blue; azurite and lapis lazuli are fantastic choices. They not simply help heal ear and throat problems they’ll aid the glands and teeth. Violet colored stones; amethyst, labradorite and fluorite sooth the brow chakra by easing headache pain, improving concentration and addressing mental stability. The final chakra would be the crown chakra and just like the flow of white light it emits it draws vibrational energy from clear and white stones. Clear quartz, diamonds, white zircon work best stones for chakra healing inside the crown. They encourage communication, enhance your self esteem and generally lend a sense of well-being.

Perfect Health is often a topic many of us are enthusiastic about right now, whether it’s your own health or perhaps the health individuals children or aging parents. My crystal friends may be ecstatic on the prospect of offering their help and guidance to all or any individuals on this journey towards health of body, mind and spirit. The most important thing for all of us to consider in terms of using crystals is usually to honor our own inner voice or guidance. This is especially true while we are deciding on the crystals you want to use to create overall wellness.

A few of the minerals worth seeing include: a sizable, rare colorful cuprite (don’t ask me to spell out it, just go view it), azurite and malachite specimens. The cuprite has been said to get a brilliance higher than diamonds. Along with seeing the amazing minerals, visitors will likely be treated to the background of Bisbee’s awesome caves and cave formations, textiles and artifacts from 1880 through the 1940’s.

*Peacock Ore, also referred to as Chalcopyrite glistens in the sunlight. The colors vary with each specimen. There are pinks, blues, greens and combinations of each setting up a visual delight! Chalcopyrite is most often found to contain sparkles of your Gold like substance which is Pyrite. It is known as the Chakra Stone.